Dario&Rebecca May 2016 – Ceremony at San Galgano and Italian-Scottish party

Wedding Date: May 28 2016

Number of Guests:  50

Wedding Reception: Agriturismo Il Rigo

Catering and wedding cake: Agriturismo Il Rigo

Flowers and bouquet: Agriturismo Il Rigo

Civil ceremony:  San Galgano (Chiusdino)

Official photographer: Marco Fantauzzo

I know, it has been quiet long time that I didn’t write a post about our real weddings. The point is that we have been very busy hosting and planning so many weddings, that we had no time to share all the beautiful stories of our guests!

But now it is really time to start!

Before going on with this wedding, I would like to point out how proud and grateful I am towards the couples that choose to get married at Il Rigo!

I think we are going in a quiet unusual way, since we work alone (no wedding planners, except me of course… but I also cook, and prepare the flowers and try to chat with everybody…), we plan and host our wedding as a family would do, and avoid all the formalities of the “classic wedding”. I understand that we are not for all tastes! However we experienced a true warmth from all the people that celebrated here, also because during a wedding everybody is more sensitive and vulnerable (not only the couple, but all the mums, and dads, and relatives), and we try to be there, to support and to host genuinely, like a real family would do! In the end we really feel part of it!

So thank you for involving us in your special day, because it is very special for us too!

Now that I said that, I can tell you more about Dario, from Italy, living in London, and Rebecca, British citizen.

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From the very fist meeting I had with Dario and Rebecca, it was quiet clear that they weren’t looking for a classic wedding venue, and that they had clear ideas about how their wedding should look like!

They confirmed very shortly after their first visit of Il Rigo. They where sure it was the right place for their party, as well as they were sure that the Abbey of San Galgano was their dream ceremony setting!

When they told me that they also booked the ceremony in Chiusdino I really thought it was not the best idea since the abbey is 1 and half hour away from us!

Anyway, I couldn’t convince Dario and Rebecca that were just sure this two places matches their dreams! And in the end the result was stunning!

I mean, what else can you expect form a ceremony setting? Pure beauty, history, whispers of glory and spirituality in every corner! A unique frame for an iconic wedding in Tuscany!

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Allow me to spend a couple of words about the wedding bouquet and the bridesmaid bunches.

As you know, I prepare wild flowers decorations only. If I’m in charge with the decorations, I never buy flowers (unless the bride has very special requests). This year I started integrating the wild flowers with some varieties of flowers that we grow in a small patch of garden. Anyway we are fighting with a very tough soil. The truth is that I cannot really tell a bride how the bouquet will look like! I like to think that is the nature itself that choose the flowers for a wedding, and in the end my brides are destined to certain flowers and colours.

Rebecca let me absolute freedom with the flowers (even if in the beginning she was hoping to have some peach colour to match her dress, but it is a colour that I never found among wild flowers). I opted for a mixture of pink of roses, wild sweet peas, wild orchids, white of a wild flower that I call “ricotta”, since I don’t know the real name, and wild snapdragons, and blue of my cornflowers!

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Back at Il Rigo they had an aperitivo in the courtyard and some speeches on the stairs.

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The table setting has been completed by name cards and a personal letter that Rebecca prepared for each guest.

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A bit of backstage…

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As cake we prepared a chocolate naked cake, with ganache and red fruits, and edible flowers of course!

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The party exploded afterwards with a concert of the rock band I Giaguari.

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