Priya and Scott – the power of kindness and a wine love story

It has been awhile since I last posted a story of our beautiful weddings. The season has been so intense that time simply flew by, and I did not even have time to realize that it’s almost November, and in a few weeks we are closing for our winter break!

So many beautiful things have happened, so many people have shared our home and we have shared their stories! So here’s the spring wedding of Scott and Priya, the kindest souls and the best guests! Wine connoisseurs and flower lovers, these two people seem to enjoy fully and genuinely what life has to offer, always with a big smile on their face!

Wedding Date: June 7th 2019
Number of Guests: 35
ceremony: Agriturismo Il Rigo
shoes: Manolo Blahnik
wedding dress: Made with love bridal
groom’s outfit: Hackett
Cuff links: Deakin&Francis
Bride make up:
 Wedding Makeup and Hairstyle Italy
Catering and wedding cake: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Flowers and bouquet: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Official photographers: Medisproject photography

Getting ready: Scott’s playfulness

From the very first time I met Scott and Priya, I felt completely comfortable with them! Their spontaneity and kindness stood out, in addition to their laid-back nature!

Scott opted for a casual, though refined, outfit with unusual details, proving that you don’t always have to be serious to be cool! I loved the detail of his cuff links, and the groom’s party together was a real sight to see!

Getting ready: Priya’s romantic dress and the bridal team

Priya opted instead for a natural and sophisticated look, a lace dress form Made with love bridal and a pearl necklace.

She offered her bridesmaids matching peignoirs, so they could all get ready together. They wore blush gowns, personalized for each individual, and they carried bunches of flowers from the garden to completed the look, with a hair garland for the maid of honor as a finishing touch.


Pink pastel climber roses for a most delicate spring bouquet

Priya’s bouquet was a quintessential spring bunch: tiny delicate climber roses set the mood, framed by blue and violet cornflowers, nigella and wild white yarrow. I opted for a bright collection, using silver ragwort and young oak branches.

“It was the most beautiful bouquet I have ever set my eyes on and it was mine”, Priya wrote me after seeing the first photos of the flowers!

Wildflowers and an iconic backdrop: a ceremony on the terrace

The ceremony took place on our panoramic terrace, and the iconic landscape of green rolling hills was just the perfect backdrop for the celebration. It was a lot of fun designing the decorations with Priya and Scott.

We wanted to include the green wine bottles (we call them “damigiane”) and create a sort of fil rouge with the wine theme, of which Scott was very fond. I used light blue wildflowers, white roses and local oak as foliage.

King Brunello Jeroboam

One of the highlights of the wedding dinner was the Brunello toast! Scott was so fond of the king of wines – the Brunello, that he specifically asked for a particular year of Barbi’s. Unfortunately the farm was running out of bottles for that year and they could only provide three Jeroboam bottles!!!

Lorenza was so excited for the occasion! It doesn’t happen every day that we drink such a special wine… and it doesn’t happen every day that we open and serve it either!!

Blooming broom – time together for some photographs

Don’t let the cat steal the scene

Love in a mist and wedding cake

Priya and Scott picked a three tier carrot cake, with mascarpone and yogurt frosting and poached peaches, decorated – it goes without saying – with edible flowers from the garden.

The evening ended with lots of dancing and singling in the courtyard!

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