Doireann&Patrick – their special place in Val d’Orcia

I’m so happy to share with you another unforgettable summer memory, Doireann and Patrick’s glorious, sunny, cheerful and laid back wedding! They wished to lighten up the classic idea of a wedding party, focusing on good food and magic backdrops, with special attention given to seasonal flower decorations and local wine!

Their special day had an authentically wholesome vibe. Just looking at these beautiful photographs by Medisproject, you get the sense that their day was true to them!

A good morning in Val d’Orcia – getting ready and Doireann’s bouquet

Every bouquet from the garden is like a child for me, and it’s very much beloved. I’ve personally seeded and planted all the flowers that grow in the garden. I’ve taken care of them for months before finally cutting them to use for a wedding. Their beauty is a constant source of wonder and sometimes the final result is so natural, and even unexpected!

“We loved the natural beauty of Il Rigo, the flowers arranged by Luisa from their own garden.”
Doireann and Patrick

Doireann allowed me complete freedom with designing her bouquet, so I let the garden choose for her. Acid green from ammi visnaga (an indigenous plant that grows in Val d’Orcia), oak leaves and silvery senecio, lavender and purple achillia, zinnias and dahlias, with their full-bodied bloom!

The Cathedral of Pienza – the wedding ceremony

The ceremony took place in the cathedral of Pienza, with the accompanying melody of a cello. Doireann and Patrick chose to keep the ceremony simple, without decorations, and let the Cathedral shine in its own Renaissance charm.

A toast with a backdrop

Pienza has an amazing view, overlooking the hills. The walk on the city wall is just the perfect backdrop for a toast with friends and family after the celebration! What a lovely idea!

Pienza and Vitaleta

What I love most about weddings in Val d’Orcia is the incredible choice of photo shoots! Whether simply walking on the street of the village or looking out at the landscape or venturing into a field of ripe wheat, the resulting view and photo will always be grand and unforgettable!

Golden hour

“Arriving back to Il Rigo in the golden pre-sunset light was our favourite moment, and than having a drink with all the guests, talking, and starting to tuck into the delicious antipasti and those zucchini flowers (we will never forget those).”
Doireann and Patrick

Tiramisù cake

If you’re a fan of Italian food, what could be more iconic than a Tiramisù wedding cake? Definitely one of my favourite home-made wedding cakes!

Wedding Date: June 30th 2018
Number of Guests:  50
ceremony: Cathedral of pienza
Aperitivo: bar il casello
shoes: patricia blanchet
hair and make up: tuscany bridal beauty stylists – Adrienne Aereboe
Catering and wedding cake: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Flowers and bouquet: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Official photographers: Medisproject

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