DRIVING LOOPS – 4. Into the wild – Amiata and Radicofani

Starts and ends: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Route length : 74 km – optional extension Abbadia 90km

With this route you can reach the last village of Valdorcia: Radicofani, located on a
peak beside the Amiata Mountain.

1. Iconic landscapes of Val d’Orcia

Head to the Cassia (SR2), turn left, and drive for 15km. The view from the road is magnificent, passing through rolling hills, cypress lines and old farmhouses. Be sure to load your camera before leaving!

2. Fosso Bianco in Bagni San Filippo

Before the intersection with Radicofani, stop by Fosso Bianco in Bagni San Filippo for a bath in the natural hot springs (if you love natural hot springs and thermal swimming pool read our post about HOT-SPRINGS SITES in Val d’Orcia)

3. Abbadia San Salvatore

If you have enough time, climb the Amiata Mountain and reach the miners village of Abbadia San Salvatore. The crypt of the Abbey is one of the most dramatic beauty to admire in the village, as well as the old historic city centre. If you have kids you can plan a stop to the Museum of the Mine, an old source of cinnabar!

4. Radicofani

Head to the Cassia again and turn left to reach the fortress of Radicofani, open for visitors. The view from the tower is gorgeous.

5. Contignano

Go back and take the turn to Contignano.

6. La Foce

Following the same road, you will reach the Gardens of La Foce. Follow the SP53 in the direction of San Quirico to come back at Il Rigo.

Alternative route

Starts and ends: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Route length : 63km

1. Iconic lanscapes of Val d’Orcia

2. Campiglia d’Orcia

You can consider taking this second alternative route. Instead of arriving at the hot springs of Bagni San Filippo, leave the Cassia and get to the village of Campiglia d’Orcia. Consider to book a wine tasting at Orcia DOC farm Cantina Campotondo, while you’re there!

3. Vivo d’Orcia

Drive to the tiny Vivo d’Orcia, where you can find the head water of river Orcia. There you can see the ruins of the Hermitage, a monumental ecclesiastical complex that dates back to the 11th century.

4. Garden of Daniel Spoerri and Seggiano

Drive down to the side of Grosseto of the Amiata, in the direction of Seggiano, where you will find the park called “Garden of Daniel Spoerri”. This park is more a museum of sculptures than a flower-lover destination! The garden hosts and incredible collection of masterpieces of Swiss artist Daniel Spoerri and his students.

5. Castiglione d’Orcia and 6. Bagno Vignoni

After visiting the park, head onto the SS323, which will bring you to Castiglione d’Orcia  and Bagno Vignoni and eventually arrive at the intersection for Il Rigo.

Where to eat:
La Grotta € : +39 0578 55866
Where to eat:
Dopolavoro della Foce €€: +39 0578754025
Where to eat:
La Taverna di Pian delle Mura €€: +39 0577 874009
Where to eat:
IL Silene Michelin star restaurant €€€: +39 0564 950805


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