6 HOT-SPRINGS SITES in Val d’Orcia and nearby

The Val d’Orcia is divided from the Maremma by Monte Amiata, an old volcano which has been extinct for 100,000 years. However the heat remains beneath the mountain giving rise to the many thermal springs in the area.

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1. Bagno Vignoni (6km from Il Rigo)

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  • Parco dei mulini e la gora Natural  hot  springs
    The thermal water of Bagno Vignoni flows from the main square (piazza delle Acque) through small channels where the Romans already had their foot bath! In summer nature lovers can bathe in the pool known as the “gora” (mid-warm water) in the Parco dei Mulini below the hamlet of Bagno Vignoni.

2. Bagni San Filippo (20km from Il Rigo)

  • Fosso Bianco Natural  hot  springs
    For nature lovers the Fosso Bianco is the perfect place, a stream in the woods at the confluence of several hot springs in a series of pools where you can swim all the year long and enjoy the special limestone formations that for their shapes have inspired the evocative such names as ‘the white whale’ or ‘the glacier’.
    Remember, this is a natural beauty, not a playground! Don’t damage the limestone formations, don’t light fires, collect your waste!

3. Rapolano Terme (40 km from Il Rigo)

4. San Casciano dei Bagni (45km from Il Rigo)

  • Fonteverde
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5. Petriolo (55km from Il Rigo)

  • Terme di Petriolo Natural  hot  springs
    This is one of the most popular thermal bath of Tuscany, probably because it’s the closest to Florence. The water is around 42°C (107 F) and the contrast of cold air in the winter and the hot water is a really great experience. The pools are located below ruined walls, the only remnants of fortified Roman thermal baths. In fact when you visit Tuscan hot springs you’ll learn that Romans really loved hot baths! It’s easy to understand why…

6. Saturnia (65km dal Il Rigo)

  • Le cascate del mulino Natural  hot  springs
    One of the most beautiful spots in Maremma. The thermal water is 37°C constantly and comes from an underground source containing sulfur and other minerals.
    The waterfalls rush into pools etched into travertine rock over the centuries and created a natural spa, where the water is warm and the view is to die for.
    In the last years this site became particularly popular (and crowded). We suggest to avoid week-ends an bank holidays, and enjoy the stunning natural waterfalls in low season!

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