15 favourite international movies shot in Tuscany

1. Much Ado About Nothing (1993, Kenneth Branagh) Villa Vignamaggio – Greve in Chianti

Based on Shakespeare’s comedy, that’s one of my favourite movies ever and the movie that inspire my vision of the perfect “summer party” in Tuscany! The film was shot in the amazing location of Villa Vignamaggio in Greve in Chianti. The Villa hosts today a luxury hotel and it’s open for daily visitors during a tour of the historic cellars and Italian garden!

2. Room with a view (1985, James Ivory) Firenze

A filed of shimmering wheat, in the distance a glimpse of the sunset on the Arno river, Puccini’s Rondine playing blasting, bringing you to tears: basically my idea of passion!! Is it for instance that some of my very favourite movies are shot in Tuscany?

3. The English Patient (1996, Anthony Minghella) – Sant’Anna in Camprena – Castelmuzio – San Francesco (Arezzo)

Heartbreaking, passionate and immersive and shot in just few km from Il Rigo! All the flashback in the story is actually set in the Sahara Desert, near the Egyptian-Libyan border. The last days of the patient tough, are filmed in the Abbey of Sant’Anna in Caprena, Pienza and the surrounding countryside!

4. La vita è bella – Life is beautiful (1997, Roberto Benigni) Arezzo historic centre

A milestone in Italian cinematic history, Beningni’s “Life is beautiful” is set in the beautiful city of Arezzo. If you visit the town today, you can spot all the most famous sets of the movie, including the original sign of the “Cartoleria Orefice”, Guido’s book store. You must know that I went to school in Arezzo, and some of my class mate where choose to be background actors in the famous scene of the “belly button” at the primary school!

5. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999, Kenneth Branagh) – Montepulciano and Pienza

Capturing some stunning view of Pienza at sunrise, Branagh’s “Midsummer night’s dream” is surely one of my favourite movie shot in Tuscany!

6. Tea with Mussolini (1999, Franco Zeffirelli) Firenze and San Gimignano

With a cast of that range, how is possible to not fall in love with this movie? Maggie Smith, Judy Dench and Cher, for an other 2° World War’s set.

7. Romeo and Juliet (1968, Franco Zeffirelli), – Historic centre of Pienza

Last year the village of Pienza celebrated the 50th anniversary of this masterpiece with public viewing, meetings and classes. A very beloved classic to watch once more.

8. Stealing Beauty (1996, Bernardo Bertolucci) Gaiole in Chianti and Castello di Brolio

Some honourable mentions, even if are not my favourite ones!

9. Gladiator (2000, Ridley Scott) – Road of Terrapille – Pienza, Poggio Manzoli – S. Quirico

10. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003, Audrey Wells) Cortona

11. Nostalghia (1983, Andrej Tarkovskij) Bagno Vignoni and San Galgano

12. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009, Chris Weitz) Montepulciano

13. 007 Quantum of solace (2008, Marc Forster) Siena historic centre

14. My cousin Rachel (2017, Roger Michell) Firenze, historic centre – Arezzo, Piazza Grande

15. Full metal alchemist (2017, Fumihiko Sori) Poggio Bacoca, Val d’Orcia and Volterra

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