Anna&Adrian – lovely wedding in San Quirico and a midsummer Maypole dance

Wedding Date: June 22nd 2018
Number of Guests:  45
Civil ceremony: horti leonini – san quirico d’orcia
ceremony flowers: beatrice ramirez
Catering and wedding cake: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Flowers and bouquet: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Official photographers: scuffins&scuffins


I am so happy to share the photos from the marriage of Anna and Adrian, with whom I share a love for natural and down to earth weddings! We and they had an amazing time and great luck with the weather for this late spring outdoor party.

Be prepared to be engaged and inspired by the photos of this lovely couple captured by the perceptive eye of Chris Scuffins!

Anna’s preparation

Who wouldn’t fall for Anna’s natural and sensual look during her wedding day? A cascade of blond curls for this bridal team. Each bridesmaid wore a dried-lavender crown and a matching bunch of wild flowers. The wedding procession was completed by two lovely flower-girls, Anna’s nieces. Anna’s bouquet was a joy for the eye, displaying the last pink garden roses, lavender, blue cornflowers, delicate ammi majus, green oats for a bohemian touch, and olive leaves!!! One of my most favorites ever and a tribute to the seasonal garden flowers!

Wedding in the Horti Leonini – a garden “all’italiana”

The civil ceremony was celebrated in the Italian garden of San Quirico, Horti Leonini, in the farthest corner of the parterre, under the refreshing shade of the holm oaks.

My friend Beatrice Ramirez created two elegant vases filled with dark green foliage and lilies. And what better frame for the scene than the long boxwood edges and the yew topiary, along with the Cosimo de’ Medici pure white statue?

At the gate of the garden, Anna and Adrian were showered with a cascade of pink flower petal confetti!

A romantic walk in the hidden streets

One of my favorite things about getting married in a small medieval village like San Quirico is that after the ceremony, you can shoot some beautiful portraits with the picturesque backdrop on the city walk.

A relaxed cocktail in the courtyard

The friends of Anna and Adrian had a number of surprises for the couple, including games with questions about their love story, childhood photos, music playing, and speeches!

The Maypole dance to honor a Swedish tradition

For me, the Maypole dance was the highlight of this joyful afternoon! I didn’t know about this tradition, but the Swedish know it very well! Midsummer is an occasion for whole families to gather in celebration of this commemorated high-point of the summer.

The group danced around a miniature Maypole that we built for the occasion, to the music of traditional songs played by the violin! Such a fun and funny moment for the kids as well as the grown ups, for both Swedish and English friends who joined in the celebration!

A dinner under a striking sky and a b&w party

The dinner table was full of personal details that Anna and Adrian prepared themselves, like a “who is who” booklet with photos of the guests! A great idea to bring two families together to get to know each other better. The perfect end for a beautiful wedding!

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