Elora and Eran – the end of the driest summer of 2017

Wedding Date: September 2nd 2017
Number of Guests:  40
Civil ceremony: Comune di San Quirico d’Orcia at Agriturismo Il Rigo
Wedding Reception: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Catering and wedding cake: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Flowers and bouquet: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Official photographer: Lorenzo Barilla

Almost one year has passed since Elora and Eran’s wedding. Looking at the pictures from a year ago, I can perfectly remember what a strange summer we had, with over 7 months of awful drought! That’s why I think of this wedding with particular joy, as it marked the end of that difficult period. In fact, we had the first rain the day before the guests came, on August 31st of last year!

Every wedding is different and every couple has their own story, a story that for me begins the moment I meet them. I met Elora and Eran at the end of 2016, on the last day of the season! The atmosphere here was really relaxed and we celebrated with homemade “bomboloni alla crema” (doughnut dessert) with custard! Well, I don’t have to tell you that after this delicious treat, their decision was easily made!

We often host weddings where one person in the couple is Italian, and the other is not (Elora comes from Milan, while Eran comes from the UK). I think we attract couples like this because if they do not live close to their own family, they are really looking for a place to feel at home, even if is not their home! We are happy to offer our home and full family-package for a weekend to those who let us!

The ceremony on the terrace

But let’s return to that late summer day, when Elora and Eran decided to tie the knot in a little village in the middle of nowhere in Tuscany, called Val d’Orcia! In the morning, they celebrated the official wedding in the town hall of San Quirico before coming back to Il Rigo for a touching ceremony all together on our terrace, overlooking the rolling hills.

For the bouquet, the bride forbade me from using pink flowers, so I opted for some terracotta colours, mixing peach zinnias, white aster, mastic tree berries, white cosmos and wild helichrysum, which is known as “the everlasting flower” and left a marvellous balsamic perfume in the air! All of the flowers were tied with a brown satin ribbon that waved in the hot evening breeze.

For Eran’s buttonhole, I used wheat and straw flowers, to contrast with his navy blue suit.

Elora wore a beautiful lace dress with long sleeves, though you could see through to her marvellous tattoos, and she added a very personal and unconventional detail, wearing sneakers under her white dress!

Elora’s preparation

The day was made of moments of laughter and mirth, thank to a terrific crew of best men!


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