Anke and Dominik July 2017 – embracing the summer spirit

Wedding Date: July 7th 2017
Number of Guests:  35
Civil ceremony: Comune di San Quirico d’Orcia
Wedding Reception: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Catering and wedding cake: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Flowers and bouquet: Agriturismo Il Rigo
Official photographer: Medisproject Photography

1I am so happy to finally share with you the picture of a wedding I particularly loved doing, beautifully captured by the sweetest couple of photographers!

Anke and Dominik had spent their holidays at Il Rigo twice before making their final decision to celebrate their intimate wedding here. These two amazing people work in two different cities and can only meet at the weekend! The choice of a three-day wedding was a great opportunity to spend quality time with their family.

The preparation and the bouquet

2Anke wore an elegant lace gown and a lace hair-band. She kept her look and make-up as simple as possible, wearing her glasses and remaining authentic and natural, just like she is used to being, and I really liked that!

When we first talked about flower decorations, she asked me to use wheat and lavender as much as possible, especially for the bouquet. But as soon as the couple arrived at Il Rigo, they couldn’t resist the explosion of colour from the summer flowers and opted for a mix of all the beauties in the garden.

Anke’s bouquet included just about everything that was blooming in the garden in July: white and purple cosmos, peachy zinnias, Queen Anne’s lace or wild carrots, the extravagant amaranths, and, of course, the first dahlias! I really loved making this bouquet full of cheer and happiness!! Freshly picked from the garden at 5 am  (look at the picture we took in the garden picking the flowers for this wedding) — yes, because last summer was one of the driest I can recall, and we had to put in extra effort to keep the garden going in temperatures over 35°C!345678

The first lookThe first look


A walk in the historic centre of San Quirico and civil ceremony in Public hall

Anke and Dominik celebrated a civil wedding in the town hall and took a romantic walk in the streets of the village, through the Italian garden, and ended with a “caffè al bar”!

photos by www.medisproject.comphotos by www.medisproject.com141516photos by www.medisproject.comphotos by

Back at Il Rigo – aperitivo in the courtyard

photos by www.medisproject.com19   2021

A unique guest book

Anke’s mum painted the guestbook. The canvas portrays the view from the room where Anke and Dominik slept during their first holiday at Il Rigo. The guests signed on the painted cypresses — what a lovely idea! The painting was placed in the dining room, under 1000 origami cranes hanging from the ceiling, a present from Anke’s sister who worked for a full year to prepare them!


Walking amidst straw and oats


A summer golden evening and a rustic outdoor dinner262728293031323334353637


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