Cantucci in front of the fire


The “Santi” are gone and we are finally taking a breath! Tonight left Cantucci dipped in young red wine for a light dinner in front of the chimney!

Cantucci with almonds


gr. 600 white flour

a pinch of salt

gr. 8 baking powder

500 gr sugar

3 whole eggs

2 egg yolks

a little glass of Vinsanto

300 gr almonds with their skin, a bit toasted ( in the oven for 10 mins)

lemon or orange zests

1 egg yolk to spread on the “biscotti” with a brush

In a bowl mix flour, sugar,salt, baking powder, and then eggs and yolks and the Vinsanto. Mix quickly, using only the top of your finger, because it is a sticky mixture.

Add the lemon zests and the almonds. If necessay use a bit of flour on your hands.

Make long “snakes” ( 4 cm wide and 2 cm high) and place them on a baking pan, prevoiusly buttered and with flour.

Spread the egg yolk on the surface with a brush.

Cook at 180°C for 30 mins, before they are completely cooked cut them in pieces, making the traditional biscuits, and cook them again for another 10 mins.

You can keep these biscuits for many weeks, in a box or in a large jar.

Serve them with a little glass of Vinsanto, where you can put the biscutis for a while to make them softer.

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