Barbara and Marc – Tuscan summer memories

For weeks, I have been so excited thinking about the moment that I could finally share some pictures taken by Jeannine Alfes of the day before Barbara and Marc‘s wedding. She couldn’t have done a better job of capturing the atmosphere of a wedding at Il Rigo. As you can see, weddings last more than a single day here!toskana-324Imagine a traditional wedding day. You have only a few hours to spend with the couple, and the rest of the time you probably interact with people you even don’t know. And now imagine spending 3 or 4 days with just your close friends. Imagine having the chance for two different families to join and get to know each other better. toskana-234toskana-204Amid the chaos of a working life, it is often difficult to find quality time to be together. Here, we try to build precious memories for our couples to remember long into their futures! And what better way to frame precious wedding memories than a celebration in the Valdorcia?toskana-190Right now, in the middle of this freezing winter, I’m amazed to think back to the unending burning heat of the Valdorcia in August. Almost impossible to believe that I picked the fresh flowers for Barbara’s wedding from our very own garden, which now is empty and grey. As I write this, the once glorious oleanders have faded away, but the plants remain, regaining new energy for next spring!

Looking through these photos, I can remember exactly how I felt last summer, walking in Pienza, or grilling outside at dinnertime, with the sky painted orange for the sunset. Drinking an iced Spritz after a long day working in the kitchen. I remember the sound of the wind rustling the wheat in the fields, while I laid in the hammock under the pines. And the relief of the shade of the century-old oaks on Ginestreto.

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