Art and history

In the Val d'Orcia we find a concentration of small hilltop villages dating from medieval times. They are small architectural treasures scattered among the hills surrounding Il Rigo.

In San Quirico you mustn't miss the Horti Leonini ( a XVI century garden), the Collegiata and the small romanesque church of Santa Maria ad hortos.

In Bagno Vignoni, besides the thermal Spa, you can also admire the old pool closed on one side by the Loggiato di S. Caterina.

Next to the Church of S. Giovanni Battista, is the HerbalistHortus Mirabilis, who can custom prepare herb teas and single plant infusions according to local tradition.

In the Parco dei Mulini there are many "gorelli", streams of hot water where you can sit and soak your feet as has been done since Roman times.

Pienza is one of the most famous villages in the area. It was built by the architect Bernardo Gambarelli known as "Rossellino", who, in the XV century rebuilt the hamlet of Corsignano under the Pope Pius II.

Not to be missed is the romanesque Pieve of Corsignano, which was built many centuries before the rest of the village.

Remember to visit

The Monastery of Sant'Anna in Camprena, the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore and the Abbey of Sant'Antimo where the monks still sing gregorian chant.